8 arguments people have tried that have NEVER worked to get their driver’s licence back:

  1. “I need my driver’s licence for work/I will lose my job if I can’t drive!”
  2. “I’m sorry – I was under a lot of pressure and I made a mistake”
  3. “I have health issues and need my vehicle to get to medical appointments”
  4. “Someone put something in my drink – I didn’t intentionally drink and drive”
  5. “I live in a remote area with no buses and need my car”
  6. “I have to drive a sick family member around (or take my kids to school)”
  7. “It will cause me great hardship – I will lose my home or have to go bankrupt”
  8. “I won’t do it again – please give me a break”


  •  In British Columbia you have just 7 days to appeal your Immediate Roadside Prohibition (IRP) – call us for a free legal consultation


  • We know you need your licence – let our legal team work on your behalf to keep you driving

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