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Common Questions

Yes. If you don’t dispute the suspension you will have no choice other than to serve the suspension. You will also be subject to other penalties such as being forced to pay for and install an interlock device in your vehicle and paying to take the responsible driver program in order to re-obtain your licence. You will also be subject to paying hundreds of dollars in towing and impound storage fees.

No. If you fight your suspension you will have the choice between a written or an oral hearing (these are done by phone). You are entitled to have a lawyer represent you so you do not have to speak at the hearing – your lawyer speaks on your behalf.

See our post entitled “How do I dispute an IRP?” You must file a dispute at the nearest ICBC Driver Licensing Branch within 7 days or your right to appeal will be lost forever.

No. An IRP is an administrative process which is not part of the criminal courts. The penalties for an IRP are still severe. You would only be at risk for a criminal record if you were charged with Impaired Driving under the Criminal Code (in this case the police will have given you a court date).

No. Filing a dispute (also called an appeal) does not stop your driving suspension. If your appeal is successful and you are granted a court order, you may resume driving.

Yes, as long as you are not otherwise inadmissible. Remember that US Customs and Border Protection has discretion to deny US entry to anyone for many reasons even if a person does not have a criminal record.

No – unless you caused an accident at the time the police suspended you. However, you will have to pay ICBC’s yearly Penalty Points Premiums, and depending on the type of prohibition you received, those costs can be thousands of dollars and may continue for several years.

Depending on the type of Prohibition (3, 7 or 90 day) your vehicle will be impounded for up to 30 days. You will be required to pay the towing and storage fees for your vehicle. If your IRP is cancelled on appeal, ICBC will pay or refund those costs back to you.

Not until the impoundment expires. However, it is possible for the owner to obtain their vehicle if they file a compassionate or hardship application to ICBC.

Our fees are based upon the complexity of your appeal. We work hard to keep our overhead costs low so we can pass those savings onto you. We will match or beat any of our competitors’ prices.

Yes. However, appealing an IRP is complicated and we highly recommend you call us first for a free case evaluation – see our post “How do I dispute an IRP?”

An Ignition Interlock Device requires you to blow into a machine before your vehicle will start. The device will also occasionally require breath samples while the vehicle is being operated. These devices are very sensitive and can register a fail from mouthwash, donuts, certain diets, or from certain medical conditions like diabetes.

No. You will be required to register and pay for the Responsible Driver Program ($985) as well as pay administrative fees of several hundred dollars to ICBC. You may also be required to pay for and install an interlock device ($1900) in your vehicle, in addition to device maintenance fees.

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